Frack the Game


Frack the Game is a video game project initially conceived by Professor Joseph Dumit in board game format to explore the ethical and socioeconomic landscape of fracking. Players of Frack the Game assume the role of fracking corporations that compete to survey, drill, and extract as much natural gas as possible to become the largest and wealthiest corporation before the world ends. Through the course of the game, players encounter difficult decisions as they must negotiate concerns around profits, environmental health, policies and laws, and public reception of fracking practices.


Design and Development Team:
Joseph Dumit, project lead
Colin Milburn, design adviser
Patrick LeMieux, design adviser
Stephanie Boluk, design adviser
Jordan S. Carroll, project manager
Ranjodh Singh Dhaliwal, project consultant
Josef Nguyen, project consultant
Evan Lauteria, project consultant
Kantapon “Joe” Akanesuvan, programmer
Miguel Paulo Flores, researcher
Julia Gonzales, researcher
Shaifali Goyal, programmer
Dominik Konecny, programmer
Andy Pham, programmer
Isabella Pitco, programmer
Gabriela Araiza, graphic designer
Shunxu Huang, graphic designer
Michelle Marin, graphic designer
Jordan Henderson, sound engineer
Owen Marshall, sound engineer