Destination Wedding 2070

Destination Wedding 2070 is a netprov that attempts to make data about climate change more comprehensible. Netprov is networked, improvised storytelling in available media.  Although climatologists have strong predictive models of the decades to come, they typically report it via graphs and charts.  #DW70 goes beyond visualization by bringing the data to life through data dramatization as participants experience the effects in a speculative future scenario. The data for this netprov is based on simulations from the CanESM5 model under SSP585, a high emissions scenario that represents substantial increases in fossil fuel use in the coming decades.  This project was created as a collaboration between members of the ModLab, Meanwhile Netprov Studio, and the UW EarthLab.

Producers: Samara Hayley Steele, Dargan Frierson, Mark Marino, and Rob Wittig.


Destination Wedding 2070 has been featured at:

Fall for the Book: Read On. Virtual Book Festival, George Mason University, Sept-Oct 2020.

Climates of Change. AMC Hypertext 2020, University of Central Florida. An exhibition of ACM Hypertext and Social Media 2020 colocated with Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) Conference, July 2020.