title screen background 3Buypartisan is a video game based on a board game designed by Larry Bogad. It illustrates the impact of money on elections. Players take on the role of poltical parties in competition to win an election in an imaginary nation. Voters are located on the opinion grid based on their opinions on 3 different axes of issues, but money can be used to pull them closer, throw out shadow positions and many other moves. The dynamic of the game is such that it gradually illustrates the corrupting influence of unregulated money on the democratic process. Variables such as time limits on elections, spending limits, the number of parties and many others can be toggled. This game is still in Beta, and was created under Bogad’s supervision, by a crack team of UC Davis programmers.

Project Contact: Larry Bogad

Project Collaborator: Treena Balds

Team Members: Brian Mah, Jordan Henderson, Darin Reyes, Michael Lee, Christopher Ng, Alex Jungroth, Daniel Schielsinger