Destination Wedding 2070 featured in ‘Climates of Change: A Virtual Exhibition’ at AMC Hypertext

We’re excited to announce that Destination Wedding 2070 been selected to be featured in ‘Climates of Change: A Virtual Exhibition’ as part of the AMC Hypertext 2020 virtual gathering. It may be viewed in the event’s virtual gallery.

DW70 was created by Samara Hayley Steele, Dargan Frierson, Mark C. Marino, and Rob Wittig as a collaborative effort between members of the UC Davis ModLab, EarthGames UW, and Meanwhile Netprov Studios. This piece was performed and archived from Nov 4th-18th, 2019. It incorporates climate data based on simulations from the CanESM5 model under SSP585, a high emissions scenario that represents substantial increases in fossil fuel use in the coming decades.

Netprovs are a form of emerging media that has been around for about a decade, and they make for compelling asynchronous classroom content.

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