Welcome to ModLab

The UC Davis ModLab is an experimental laboratory for media research and digital humanities. The lab is developing new tools and methods to address the challenges faced by scholars working at the intersection of the humanities, sciences, social sciences, and the arts. Focusing on new media technologies and processes of modification, the lab offers a dynamic and collaborative environment for post-disciplinary modes of research. It’s a mod, mod world!

ModLab research programs include:

  • Cultural studies of video games, code, and media technologies
  • Games and gamification as modes of humanities scholarship
  • Off-the-shelf strategies for digital humanities scholarship
  • Relations of ludic culture with surveillance and militarization
  • Technocultural practices such as modding, hacking, and hactivism
  • Narrative frameworks for citizen science and community engagement with new and emerging technologies
  • VR, AR, and AI technologies for research in humanities and arts
  • Intersections of science, literature, and high-tech media